Audit Services

Lifecycle healthcare for your mining and tunnelling equipment

Information is power. Our audit experts provide a through diagnosis of your mining and tunnelling machines, whether Spraymec, Charmec or Utimec, giving you an immediate, detailed picture of their performance and your present and future needs. At any stage of your equipment lifecycle, the information provided by our comprehensive audit services gives you the power to make the right decisions to maximize productivity and reduce TCO.

What’s more, our service agreements are highly flexible, providing equipment health and operational performance data when you need it for use in maintenance planning and ensuring the smooth running of your mining and tunnelling operations. And you can combine audit services with advisory and supervisory services as needed to provide you with an in-depth, comprehensive solution covering every aspect of your business.

  • Tailored to your business
  • Range of service options
  • Complete equipment diagnostics
  • Post-audit recommendations from Normet experts
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