Normet Academy

Normet Academy provides training for the entire Normet product range including mining and tunnelling process and applications. The Normet Academy aims to continuously improve your knowledge base on the operations of the Normet’s offering, and to assist you to get the best out of Normet products, solutions and services. Training services can be tailored to your individual needs and range from the Normet Driving License through to a single process audit.

  • Start-up training & Commissioning  (Diesel and BEV (SmartDrive))
  • Continuous training for customer maintenance and operation personnel
    • Refresh courses existing fleet, maintenance and operator training
  • Safety aspects
    • General machine safety
  • General operator overview and introduction
    • Operator training / Process training
  • Function and main components of the product
    • Maintenance training
  • Periodical maintenance
    • Planners and maintenance crew trainings (know-how on what to do and when)
  • Basics of troubleshooting and operation of the machine with needed adjustments
  • Normet Simulator training
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