Upgrades & Modification

Upgrades and modifications from Normet Services are designed to ensure the economical, efficient and purposeful performance of your equipment over its entire life cycle. Services provided by a reliable OEM like Normet ensure the safety and performance of your equipment. Upgrades and modifications from Normet Services save you both time and money, while delivering the high quality you expect from us.

Why upgrade your Normet Equipment?
  • Improve safety, reliability and productivity
  • Update equipment, maintenance and spares documentation



Update and standardize your fleet. Get the latest technology and improve the safety and performance of your exisiting fleet without investing in completely new equipment.

Maintain equipment efficiency. Interchange components and spre parts quickly and improve performance, efficiency, safety, availability and reliability - modular Normet parts make it easy.

Minimize downtime during installation. Our ready-made upgrade kits are complete solutions based on your needs and include everything from documentation and warranty to installation of parts.

Extend your equipment lifetime. Normet upgrades extend the overall life cycle of your equipment and ensure uptime long into the future.

Why modify your Normet Equipment?
  • Meet changing process needs quickly and flexibly
  • Considerable capex savings


Quick deliveries and on-site conversions let you react to changing process needs quickly and cost-effecitivly.

Get remarkable capex savings by modifying your equipment to standardize your fleet.

Modular design makes modification easy and you get reliable and safe equipment from Normet, the OEM that knows your equipment best.

Convert your Normet equipment to perform completely new functions without investing in new machines. For example, we can help convert your scissor lift into a concrete transport vehicle.

Comply with legislation and regulations. Convert your equipment to meet your needs while complying with the latest standards to ensure quality, safety and efficiency.

Upgrade and Modification products include:

Sprayed Concrete

  • SmartScan - Shotcrete thickness scanner
  • Automatic wash for concrete line and pump
  • Complete spray booms
  • Normet concrete pumps
  • Accelerator pump kits


Lifting and Charging

  • Complete basket booms
  • Boom suspension for man lifting booms
  • Different size man lifting baskets
  • Safety roof and slide for the baskets
  • Anfo hose feeding systems (electrical and hydraulic control)
  • Anfo tank filing system



  • Front and rear suspension units
  • External in-line retarders



  • Complete scaling booms
  • Hammer and scraper units
  • Hammer tool air flushing
  • Dust suppression system


All Machines

  • Electric upgrades from old to new NorSmart electrics
  • Electric operation by electric driven hydraulic power pack
  • Cabin units
  • Support legs
  • Automatic lubrication systems (carrier, boom, concrete pump)
  • Fire extinguishing systems
  • Reversing cameras
  • Portable units like electric driven hydraulic power packs, accelerator filling and dosing units

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