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Aliva Dealers

Aliva Dealers

Aliva has dealers worldwide for distribution, service and maintenance of concrete spraying machines.


Normet North America

Contact: Mark Jarosz
Phone: +1 6157856829 | Email:


Normet International Ltd.

Contact: Walter Betschart
Phone: +41 795546326 | Email:


Sweden / Norway / Denmark

Normet Norway

Contact: Daniel Risbeck
Phone: +47 95931083 | Email:


Normet MRB Oy

Contact: Marko Tourunen
Phone: +358 406724602 | Email:

All other regions in Europe

Normet International Ltd.

Contact: Klaus Meyer
Phone: +41 795447336 | Email:


Normet Africa (Pty) Ltd.

Contact: Sarel Mocke
Phone: +27609856675 | Email:


Normet International Ltd.

Contact: Max Eckstein
Phone: +41791201077 | Email:


Aliva - Concrete repair

Concrete Repair

Aliva's sprayed concrete machines are a standout solution for concrete repair and protection work, offering precision-designed tools tailored for various applications. Engineered to excel in repair projects, these machines are commonly used for efficient and effective structural works. Aliva's commitment to reliability and quality is evident in every specialized tool, providing precision, performance, and durability in the challenging field of concrete repair and protection.

Aliva Pool Construction

Pool Construction

Aliva excels in pool construction with its specialized sprayed concrete machines, setting the bar for performance and maintaining the highest standards of quality in the construction industry. Tailored for precision and efficiency in various aquatic applications, our advanced machines are designed to meet specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and durability in the field of pool construction. Aliva's commitment to reliability and quality seamlessly extends into aquatic projects, making us the trusted choice for achieving excellence in water-related structures. Precision in design and high-performance capabilities make our machines invaluable assets for landscaping and beyond.

Aliva Construction


Aliva's specialized concrete machines excel in construction work, delivering precision and efficiency for construction and repair projects. Engineered for the unique demands of concrete work, our robust tools stand out for superior performance, efficiency, and durability. Whether constructing bridges or structures requiring strong support, Aliva's machines offer tailored solutions for a wide range of applications. Versatile and reliable, our product line addresses various requirements, from creating retaining walls to forming tunnel linings. Aliva understands the details of concrete work, providing tools that excel in speed, economy, precision, and reliability, upholding the highest industry standards.

Aliva Rock and Slope Stabilization

Rock and Slope Stabilization

Aliva’s sprayed concrete machines are made to tackle the special needs of slope stabilization projects, making sure they work tough and last long in this crucial job. When you're dealing with slopes that need some serious holding power, Aliva's sprayed concrete machines step up as the top pick for building a robust and lasting stabilizing layer.

Aliva - Tunnelling and Mining

Tunnelling and Mining

Aliva's sprayed concrete machines, designed for tunnelling and mining, stand out in construction work, especially where tunnel linings, junctions, and enlargements are vital. The ease of application, inherent in sprayed concrete technology, gets the job done in tight spots efficiently. Crafted with precision, our specialized tools excel in tunnel construction, showcasing Aliva's commitment to reliability and quality in addressing diverse construction requirements.

Aliva Product Types

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