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Aliva Dealers

Aliva Dealers

Worldwide Aliva dealers for distribution, service and maintenance.

Aliva has a wide network of dealers around the globe for the distribution, service, and maintenance of concrete spraying machines, ensuring reliable support and availability wherever you are.

Contact our local Normet representatives to facilitate your connection with your regional dealer.


Aliva - Concrete repair

Concrete Repair

To repair concrete, Aliva's sprayed concrete machines are the standout solution. These machines are engineered for efficient and effective concrete-on-concrete repair such as repair of cracked concrete as well as protection work. Aliva precision-designed shotcrete machines and sprayers are tailored for many applications, providing reliability, performance, and durability.

Aliva Pool Construction

Pool Construction

Correct construction of water-bearing structures requires reliable and precise sprayed concrete control. Aliva concrete sprayers set the bar for performance and quality and are designed to meet specific needs, ensuring optimal efficiency and durability in the field of pool construction. We are the trusted choice for excellence in landscaping and beyond.

Aliva Construction


Aliva's specialized sprayed concrete machines excel in construction work, delivering precision and efficiency for construction and repair projects. Engineered for the unique requirements of shotcrete machines and sprayers, our robust tools stand out for superior performance, efficiency, and durability. We understand the specifics of concrete work and develop tools that excel in speed, economy, precision, and reliability, upholding the highest industry standards.

Aliva Rock and Slope Stabilization

Rock and Slope Stabilization

Aliva’s sprayed concrete machines are made to tackle the special needs of slope stabilization projects, making sure they work tough and last long in this crucial job. When you're dealing with slopes that need some serious holding power, Aliva's shotcrete sprayers are your preferred solution for a robust and lasting stabilizing layer.

Aliva - Tunnelling and Mining

Tunnelling and Mining

Aliva's sprayed concrete machines are designed for tunnelling and mining, especially where tunnel linings, junctions, and enlargements are required. With ease of application and precise operation, even work in confined spaces can be conducted safely and efficiently. Our specialized tools excel in tunnel construction, addressing diverse shotcrete spraying requirements.

Aliva Product Types

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