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Rock and Ground Support

Rock and Ground Support

Ground Support in Mining and Rock Tunnel Systems

A firm foundation is key to the success of any underground project. Mining and tunnelling techniques require effective ground support to ensure the effectiveness and safety of other processes and applications.

After all, working underground is inherently risky, which is why safety is our number one priority. Thanks to Normet’s long-term expertise in all aspects of underground projects, our ground support offerings give you the stability to ensure safety, efficiency and productivity.

Mining ground support and rock tunnel support systems involve procedures and materials that improve stability and maintain the load bearing capability of rock near to the edges of excavation. Support requirements change depending on geological and operational factors. Normet offers a full range of rock reinforcement and chemicals products that meet any need.

Rock Reinforcement

As excavation depths increase, the risks of an unsafe working environment do the same. The deeper we go, the more danger there is of rock bursts, convergence, or other strata deformation. Our solutions including self-drilling anchors and the patented D-Bolt® are used in some of the largest and deepest mines and tunnels around the world, ensuring safe management of difficult conditions.

Ground Support Chemicals

Anchors are only as effective as the resin or grout that hold them in place. Normet’s injection resins for rock and ground support are flexible, economical, durable, and environmentally friendly.

Silicate modified polyurea injection resins

Our economical range of silicate modified polyurea injection resins are highly stable, very strong, and chemically resistant. TamPur RBG is available in varying grades for securing all types of rock bolts where early tensioning or loading is required, TamPur 116 is designed for injecting into high convergence zones in deep mining or tunnelling, while TamPur 117 is ideal for void and cavity filling in mining and tunnelling applications.

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Rock and Ground Support Products

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