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Service Agreements

Service Agreements

We at Normet have developed a unique Service Concept which offers a fit for purpose solution to manage Customer fleet and guarantee the availability and agreed cost. This through life service concept offers transparency to your life cycle cost, annual operational budget and fleet uptime.

Service agreements are always customise consisting of different Normet service products mentioned above. Service solution will be built together with customer. Level of an agreement can vary from support type of agreement (including e.g. parts, periodical maintenance, on-call services, and audits) up to guaranteed fleet availability or process performance (including e.g. parts, all maintenance activities, operator trainings and process audits).

Service Levels

Service Agreements consists of four distinct service levels to meet the different needs customers have for improving their fleet availabilities through professional parts and maintenance practices. The service levels and respective agreements are:

  • Parts Availability – service level
  • Fleet Support – service level
  • Fleet Availability – service level
  • Process Performance – service level

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