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High quality scaling tools for a safer work environment

Scaling loose rock is an essential part of safe underground excavation, but it is challenging work. After the drilling and blasting phase, scaling is required to remove loose rock from the unstable rock face to make the tunnel or mine safe to work in.

Scaling can be performed manually or mechanically, but manual scaling is unsafe, unproductive and uneconomical. Normet has a decades long experience in mechanized scaling, and mechanization is proven to improve the quality of scaling and the level of safety, productivity and effectiveness — not only of scaling works but of the entire excavation process.

At Normet, safety is the number one priority in everything we do. Our scaling equipment are designed to provide a secure work environment for the operator, as well as maximise the overall productivity and efficiency of your mining and tunnelling operations. Depending on the type and conditions of rock, different kinds of scaling methods should be implemented. Our hydraulic impact hammers, scraping picks and claws, and cutters ensure that your underground scaling needs are met and exceeded.



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