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Upgrades and Modifications

Upgrades and Modifications

At Normet, thanks to decades of experience in manufacturing mining and tunnelling equipment, we fully understand your business.


Upgrades - It's time to level up

Upgrades - It's time to level up

As a leading global OEM, we build our machines to last. We also understand that your needs on the ground can change - and reacting to that change makes a big difference in your productivity. Normet Upgrades & Modifications provide you with access to product improvements that meet your evolving requirements and let you stay one step ahead of the curve.


In mining and tunnelling operations there is no room for error – but there is always room for improvement. Take safety seriously with Normet Upgrades & Modifications and ensure your operations are reliable and secure for your personnel and equipment. We follow and advocate for safety in everything we do.


Ensure greener operations underground with Normet Upgrades & Modifications. Sustainability doesn’t only mean caring for the environment. It’s also about ensuring the long-term potential of your mining and tunnelling business. Reduce the impact of your operations on your surroundings, minimize harmful emissions, and build a better future with Normet.

Upgrades - Level Up Sustainability


Invest in your productivity with Normet. Our Upgrades & Modifications improve the functioning of your machines, helping you increase your output and profitability. We provide solutions to boost your business in every part of your mining and tunnelling processes, from charging to concrete spraying.

Upgrades - Level Up Productivity


Information is power. Accurate data from your processes can make maintenance easier, maximize uptime, and improve safety. Normet Upgrades & Modifications allow the quick and automatic collection of information to simplify and enhance operational planning.

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Normet Upgrades & Modifications let you:

  • Update and standardise your fleet
  • Maintain equipment efficiency
  • Minimise downtime
  • Extend equipment lifetime
  • Quickly and cost-effectively react to changing needs
  • Convert Normet machines to perform new functions
  • Comply with legislation and other requirements

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Upgrades - It's time to level up

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