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Normet SmartDrive®

Normet SmartDrive®

Normet SmartDrive® is a modular battery electric vehicle (BEV) architecture designed to optimize energy consumption and performance in underground mining and tunneling applications.

Normet SmartDrive® equipment enable higher productivity, lower operating costs and most importantly - zero local emissions.

The Normet SmartDrive® architecture includes the latest Li-ion battery technology with a fast charging capability. High-torque electric motors provide instant torque and efficient operation without any local emissions. The fully reversible 4WD ensures safe and sure movement in difficult underground conditions.

There is two different SmartDrive architectures; Mining machines’ redundant BEV architecture is optimized for underground mining use and longer tramming, and tunneling machines’ BEV architecture is optimized for tunnelling and shorter tramming distances.

Normet SmartDrive fleet

Normet SmartDrive fleet

Built-in energy recuperation technology maximizes the storing of regenerative braking energy during downhill driving and deacceleration. In addition, efficient hydraulic dual-circuit oil immersed brakes provide additional braking power when it is needed.

Normet SmartDrive® equipment’s batteries can be charged at any time from typical underground AC-sockets. For demanding operations, optional fast-chargers can charge batteries quickly during operation or a break - there is no need for costly battery swapping. Normet equipment are fully compatible with the universal CCS fast charging standard.

From our long experience, we know our customers challenges and the importance of reliability. Normet SmartDrive® has industrial grade components and redundant design for maximum availability.

Normet SmartDrive® is a smart and safe choice for challenging underground operations!

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Higher Performance

  • > 100% increase in uphill tramming speed and fast acceleration
  • High productivity, up to 25 % faster cycles
  • Fast charging capabilities, standardized battery charging interfaces

Zero Local Emissions

  • Decreased need for ventilation and cooling
  • Safety and health benefits

Increased Efficiency

  • Up to 50 % energy recuperation in downhill driving
  • Mining equipment have redundant design with two electric motors for minimized downtime
  • Better productivity via longer service intervals
  • Modular and standardized design -> less inventory needs for spare parts as the fleet shares majority of spare parts and service tasks
  • No need for fuel transportation and storage
  • No filters and other diesel servicing wastage

Improved Health and Safety

  • Designed with safety as number one priority
  • Reduction of heat generation. No hot exhaust gases and very minor heating of surfaces
  • Advanced suspension system
  • No diesel gases, fumes or emissions
  • Up to 7 dB lower noise level during driving and 15 dB lower during idling
  • Easy and pleasant one pedal driving and many other driver’s assisting functions

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

  • Lower operational costs
  • Up to 30 % less maintenance costs
  • Significantly reduced service brake wear
  • Up to 75 % lower driving energy consumption

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