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Spraymec 8100 VC SD


Spraymec 8100 VC SD is a battery-electric concrete sprayer offering superior value for tunnelling projects with medium to large cross sections. Built on our SmartDrive BEV architecture with zero local emissions and designed for high-performance sprayed concrete applications with alkali-free accelerators, the machine comes with cutting-edge spraying technology like an unrivalled dosing system and the extremely low-pulsation NSP 40 concrete pump with a theoretical maximum pumping capacity of 30 m3/h, both fully synchronized with an integrated closed-loop control system. In addition, all conveying cylinders of the pump are controlled independently, further reducing pulsation to a minimum. Fitted with a high-capacity on-board compressor and a proven, agile spray manipulator with excellent rebound protection, the machine is equipped with four-wheel steering and 4WD for effortless operation in challenging underground conditions. . Furthermore, the Spraymec 8100 VC SD comes with a FOPS/ROPS safety cabin and a remote control system.

The machine is available with both our innovative SmartSpray spraying automation technology and SmartScan, our advanced concrete thickness measurement system.

We provide everything you need to get the best results with sprayed concrete for mining and tunnelling applications, both underground and on the surface. Our offering includes equipment for both concrete spraying and transportation, construction chemicals as well as supporting technologies and services.

Key specification

  • Battery-electric tunnelling sprayer
  • Max. vertical reach: 14 m
  • Concrete pump output: Up to 30 m3/h
  • Tramming height: 3.4 m



  • FOPS/ROPS approved cabin
  • Cabin door interlock switch with safety brake application as standard
  • Optional reversing camera for improved reversing visibility
  • SAHR fail-safe safety brakes
  • No diesel fumes or hot exhaust gases
  • Almost no surface heat


  • Zero local emissions
  • Decreased ventilation need

Ergonomics and operator environment

  • Cabin designed with ergonomics and safety as the priority
  • Cabin door interlock switch with safety brake application as standard
  • Suspended driver’s seat with a retractable lap seat belt with a safety switch
  • Optional window and door kit for the cabin

Productivity and efficiency

  • Fast charging capable
  • Up to 50 % energy recuperation during downhill driving and deacceleration
  • Long-life industrial grade Li-ion batteries
  • Powerful direct-drive architecture for over 100 % higher uphill tramming speeds
  • Longer service intervals than diesel equivalents
  • Agile and accurate spray boom with vertical and horizontal tracking, automatic movement of the upper boom telescope, nozzle nutation, excellent rebound protection and proportionally controlled, pressure controlled hydraulic movements
  • Equipped with our innovative SmartSpray Lite spraying automation system (also available with SmartSpray ProPlus for an increased level of automation)
  • Available with our cutting-edge Normet SmartScan concrete thickness measurement system
  • Unrivalled, low-pulsation NSP 40 double piston concrete pump (up to 30 m3/h) with a reversing function and a hydraulically driven agitator
  • Accelerator system with a hydraulically driven, electrically controlled pump (12 bar) and a 1000 l accelerator tank (second 1000 l tank can be installed)
  • Accelerator dosing fully synchronized with concrete delivery
  • Electrically operated screw compressor (12 m3/min)
  • 75 kW electric power pack
  • Advanced wireless remote control system with 2/4 joysticks for all relevant process controls and an additional cable for bridging the radio link and the power supply
  • High-pressure washer with hose reel
  • Optional spraying conditions monitoring system
  • Optional high-volume concrete pump for casting
  • Optional hot climate kit
  • Optional automatic lubrication system for the concrete pump and carrier and spray boom
  • Optional automatic concrete line washing system with a protective hopper cover
  • Optional collecting pan under the accelerator tank
  • Optional accelerator filling system
  • Available with both a heating element kit and an electrically operated mixer for the accelerator container (IBC)
  • Optional bypass filter kit for the oil circuit
  • Optional form oil system
  • Available with LED working lights on the roof of the cabin
  • Optional high-pressure water system for cleaning and pre-wetting of the spraying area (also available with a 400 l stainless steel water tank)


Spraymec 8100 VC SD

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