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Normet is a world-leading, innovative technology company. We define the future of underground operations in mining, tunnelling, and civil engineering projects, helping our partners increase safety, sustainability, and productivity throughout the lifecycle of their projects.

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Normet Electro-dynamic paves the way to the future of the more sustainable underground operations

“As we were developing our battery-electric SmartDrive equipment, we quickly realized that we can actually remove the driveshaft from engine powered equipment as well. This is monumental, because now we can utilize the space where the driveshaft used to be for increased payload capacity.”

- Samu Kukkonen, Technology Director

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Normet ElectroDynamic Rendering

Together we are providing safety underground


September 20, 2023

The future of underground charging

Safety is a number one priority when working underground. In charging operations when explosives are involved, there is really no room for error, which is why Normet are constantly developing their offering, explains Anssi Mykkänen, Charging Product Line Director.

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August 1, 2023

Battery technology – the road ahead

Interview with Mika Kinnunen (Product Manager, Electrification)

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Increase safety, sustainability, and productivity throughout the lifecycle of their projects.

Expertise from batching plant to nozzle tip

A commitment to safety and sustainability with unparalleled expertise

  • Optimise processes for higher productivity and lower costs
  • Full equipment, chemicals, and training portfolio

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Sprayed Concrete Hero

Aliva Equipment

From highly mechanized concrete spraying systems with high spraying output and large working radius to all-purpose rotor spraying machines, Aliva Equipment provides a complete line of machines for processing wet and dry mix for sprayed concrete.

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A new era in underground scaling

It is designed in close collaboration with our customers, combining Normet’s decades-long experience in developing cutting-edge underground equipment with scaling operators’ invaluable experience in everyday scaling work.  As a result of this cooperation, this purpose-built machine brings boom accuracy and handling, work area visibility and operator ergonomics. 

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