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Normet SmartSpray®

Normet SmartSpray®

Normet SmartSpray® is Normet’s step towards automated concrete spraying.

As talented operators are becoming increasingly difficult to find, and the quality of the sprayed concrete can variate critically between operators, equipment manufacturers have been requested to develop their products so that the operator effect to the result is minimized and productivity of spraying is increased.

Normet presents three different versions of Normet SmartSpray® including SmartSpray Lite, Pro and ProPlus.

Normet SmartSpray® is available for Spraymec 8100, Spraymec NorRunner and ProPlus version is available on Q4/2019.

SmartSpray Lite

With SmartSpray Lite version, instead of controlling all the spraying boom joints, the operator controls only spraying nozzle, meaning that the operator uses only one joystick to perform basic concrete spraying movements instead of traditional two or four joysticks.

In the Lite version, the nozzle position is maintained so that concrete spray is optimally aligned towards the surface. This allows operators to achieve consistent and high-quality spraying results.

SmartSpray Pro

The SmartSpray Pro version includes automatic movement primitives, which make some regular spraying tasks even easier. With point-to-point control mode, the spraying nozzle moves automatically back and forth along a straight line between two defined points and the operator can control this straight line or segment using only one joystick. SmartSpray Pro combines this point-to-point feature with auto-nozzle feature, making the spraying work even easier. Only thing operator needs to do, is to move the spraying line into next segment and keep the distance to the surface. This functionality is useful for spraying large smooth surfaces in tunnels, for example.

SmartSpray ProPlus

With SmartSpray ProPlus version, a pre-defined area can be sprayed automatically. In this operation mode the system itself keeps the set distance between the spraying nozzle and wall profile, whilst maintaining the speed automatically, to achieve desired layer thickness. The SmartSpray ProPlus system will calculate a path for nozzle movements so that defined areas are sprayed automatically. This technology turns your beginner spraying operator into a seasoned master. This state-of-art SmartSpray model will be available for our selected sprayer models later on.

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