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Readymix and Precast

Readymix and Precast

Optimal concrete efficiency and performance

Normet has been producing high performance admixture technologies for over 30 years. Our materials have been approved and used on some of the world’s largest projects in the civil engineering and building sector.

Normet’s high performing and innovative range of admixtures, improves performance characteristics of fresh & hardened concrete properties including strength, workability, durability, and crack resistance for production, delivery & placement of high quality concrete in civil infrastructural projects and high performance sprayed concrete, TBM Segments, and structural waterproofing in Tunnelling & mining applications.

Readymix concrete

Normet’s TamCem line includes a range of concrete products that offer precise control of setting times in both hot and cold weather conditions, providing high strength and cost-efficient results. Our full range of water reducers and retarders help to reduce the amount of concrete required, the wastage during delivery & energy to place it resulting in overall cost and carbon savings.

Ultra-Low Carbon High Performance Concrete

Normet’s new series of TamCem admixtures offer a combination of Long chain & bulky chain poly-carboxylate ethers which not works at very low water cement ratio but also accommodate the maximum replacement of Ordinary Portland Cement by good quality Supplementary cementitious materials without affecting the required flow properties (Rheology) of the high performance concrete like SCC, free flow concrete over the time makes it helps to reduce the labour cost, wastage of concrete during handling resulting in overall cost saving and carbon savings.

Precast concrete

TamCem high range water reducing admixtures with high early strength giving polymers & additives greatly improve the placing efficiency & reducing the demoulding time of the concrete thus reducing the cost & energy during the overall process. These products offer excellent workability for safe and comfortable use in any environment.

Non-steam curing concrete

Eliminating steam curing in concrete is an effective way to reduce the carbon footprint and increase project profitability. The new TamCem 12RW and 12RA admixtures are formulated to produce very early high-strength concrete within 6-24 hours without the need for steam curing. TamCem 60RA also provides exceptionally high water reduction and improved slump retention.

Watertight and marine concrete

Proven for its use in marine environments, TamCem Micro Silica a high-quality mineral admixture, greatly reduces chloride and sulphide penetration and the resultant corrosion. Combined with TamCem Series of water reducers for increased workability, Micro Silica is ideal for safe and efficient water protection at sea or inland structures. TamSeal Hydroproof admixture also delivers proactive watertight concrete, ideal for use in basements, water tanks, swimming pools, and so on.

Readymix & Precast Products

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