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Ground Engineering

Ground Engineering

Chemicals for sustainable ground engineering

Normet’s range of innovative products have been used in ground engineering projects worldwide for over 40 years. Our experience and knowledge provide value engineered, environmentally friendly ground engineering resins for guaranteed performance throughout your processes.

With a wide range of products available, our GeoTek resins, injection resins, and microfine cement lines give our customers options for any underground ground engineering needs, including re-levelling and support, ground improvement, rock injection, and soil consolidation applications. To complement our chemical resins, we also manufacture an extensive range of injection packers, pumps and accessories designed with performance and safety in mind.

Normet is fully committed to the manufacturing of environmentally friendly chemicals. Our polymer resin remedial process leaves a smaller carbon footprint than traditional processes. Normet products are developed to have the lowest impact on our surroundings and maintain health and safety in the workplace.

GeoTek resin systems

Our GeoTek resins for re-levelling and ground improvement are highly effective in forming water cut off barriers and consolidating rock strata to improve soil bearing capacity. GeoTek resins boast superior penetration compared to suspension grouts and possess high stability even in aggressive environments. Based on modern chemical technology, our systems are environmentally friendly and comply with all relevant standards and regulations.

Thanks to our full process expertise, we have been able to develop the GeoTek range to be fast and effective. The ground improvement resins remove the need to excavate and remove soil or sub-base material thereby saving time, minimising disruption, and lowering costs compared with conventional methods.

Silicate modified polyurea injection resins

Our range of urea silicate injection resins is used mainly in the mining and tunnelling sector. The resins are fire resistant, highly stable, durable, and fast curing for speedy, safe and efficient processes.

Microfine and ultrafine cements

Normet microfine and ultrafine cements are mainly used for pre-excavation grouting (PEG) and ground engineering applications where superior soil penetration or reduced rock hydraulic conductivity is needed, respectively.

Ground Engineering Products

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