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A vital part of any project

Normet’s proven waterproofing solutions have been used for over 30 years in mining and tunnelling projects to prevent water ingress or egress.

Thanks to our practical experience in all subway processes, we know how important waterproofing is to meet overall project requirements. Our broad portfolio covers all needs in areas such as tanks, tunnels, subway stations, basements, storage tanks and lift shafts.

As our industry is constantly evolving, innovative development is necessary to keep pace with advances in construction methods. All of our products use the latest high-performance technology for safe, efficient and environmentally friendly use, helping to reduce project costs and carbon emissions. Wherever water needs to be detained or retained, Normet has a product or system to do it.

Liquid-applied coatings and membranes

In some cases, concrete structures may require more protection than just waterproofing. TamSeal cement- and polymer-based coatings are heavy-duty solutions for waterproofing subway constructions and water retaining structures. The cement-based range is polymer-enhanced, simple and safe to use, with high resistance to positive and negative water pressure. The polymer-based systems are for the most demanding environments and are available with resistance to specific chemicals, seawater, sewage and waterborne contaminants such as chlorides and sulfates. The TamSeal range also offers solar heat resistance and flexible and/or elastomeric characteristics.

Sheet waterproofing membranes.

Normet's range of proven sheet membranes is perfect for protecting large concrete surfaces, foundation slabs, retaining walls and tunnels. TamSeal 1500, 2000 and 2200 are self-adhering, while 3000C and 4000E are torch-applied, all designed for a wide range of uses and environments and feature excellent characteristics.

Integral treatments

Our TamSeal Admix range of waterproofing admixtures enables precise water control in concrete or mortar. We provide expert technical advice to ensure the most effective mix design, which can also include TamSeal admixtures based on SBR polymers to improve cohesion, workability and plasticizing qualities.

Water clogging

Normet TamCrete Plug and PolyPlug are fast-setting, single-component plugging mortars that harden under constant water pressure, making them the perfect solution for preventing the ingress of flowing water or water seepage in basements, foundations, substructures and tunnels.

The TamPur range of hydrophobic polyurethane foams offers flexibility with variable reaction times and properties. These environmentally friendly foams react quickly on contact with water, effectively sealing water ingress in joints, masonry, grouting, foundations, etc.

Concrete joint waterproofing

Any construction is only as strong as its weakest link, and failed construction joints in concrete are typically extremely costly and difficult to repair. Our reinsertable pipe system can be incorporated into the joint area, allowing for easy post-construction treatment without the need for drilling or grouting.

To effectively prevent water ingress into joints and cracks, TamRez 440 and 440 Gel are surface-applied sealing strips and flexible epoxy-based sealants, respectively, designed to accommodate continuous movement cycles.

Normet's TamSeal hydrophilic waterstops meet the requirements for all types of structures, including those exposed to fresh or salt water. The waterstops combine the traditional advantages of PVC with the latest in hydrophilic technology, providing excellent resistance to high hydrostatic pressure.

Surface applied penetrating treatments

TamSeal surface-applied treatments are designed to effectively resist the ingress of water and waterborne contaminants. Reactive treatments are applied by flooding or spraying and penetrate deep into the top layer of concrete, reducing permeability and water absorption and sealing cracks up to 2.0 mm wide.

The chemicals in the crystallization treatments combine with free lime and any moisture present in the concrete to form insoluble crystalline complexes, penetrating deeper for 28 days and improving the sealing effects of the porous structure and cracks. The range includes drinking water approved treatments, capable of withstanding pressures in excess of 12 bar.

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