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KVMRT Station Project, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Waterproofing - Optimisation

Early completion with our full waterproofing installation package


MMC Gamuda Sdn Bhd



The Project  

SSP Line is the second phase (known as Line 2) of the KVMRT project totalling 52.2 km in length. The project consists of 38.7 km of elevated tracks and 13.5 km running through underground tunnels, with a total of 24 elevated stations, 11 underground stations and five underground shafts.  

The underground stations are running at a depth of 20-40 m below ground and will be excavated through a variety of geological formations.  

Different types of construction methodologies have been applied to the construction of the stations, which typically adopt bottom-up construction and top-down construction method.  

The Challenge 

MMC Gamuda Sdn Bhd, who completed the SBK Line (known as Line 1) of the KVMRT, needed a change from the previous approaches on waterproofing contracts. KVMRT required a full package of waterproofing systems, services, and ownership, directly from the manufacturer.  

The main criteria were the manufacturer’s capability on product quality, technical expertise, system installation know-how, in progress service support with installation supervision and the ability to have a direct contract. 

The specification stated that the manufacturer shall have over 10 years manufacturing experience in high-performance, commercial grade waterproofing systems. In addition, the approved applicator had to be fully trained with a minimum of five years installation experience. 

The Solution 

Normet, in partnership with waterproofing installation contractor Bituprufe Sdn Bhd, complied on all accounts and was subsequently awarded the station waterproofing packages. 

The award of the waterproofing subcontract package to Normet allowed MMC Gamuda to engage with one organization to undertake the underground station waterproofing. 

Project Outcome

The efficient project coordination and management of the waterproofing package resulted in MMC Gamuda completing the works successfully ahead of time.  

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