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TamSeal 2000


TamSeal 2000 is a high-performance HDPE preformed membrane for upwards bonding to concrete. It is designed for underground structures such as tunnels and basements. Its advanced technology sets it apart from other preformed membranes. TamSeal 2000 is a composite sheet comprising of a HDPE film and an adhesive that will react with wet mortar to provide a superior bond. TamSeal 2000 is a fully bonded waterproofing membrane that bonds directly to concrete, thus sealing the concrete and preventing any ingress of water around the structure.

A highly reactive adhesive that ensures full and high adhesion to concrete surface

Key specification

  • High performance HDPE preformed membrane for upwards bonding

Key benefits

  • Excellent tensile strength, tear strength and elongation performance
  • Highly reactive adhesive that ensure full and high adhesion to concrete surface
  • High dimensional stability, tear resistance.
  • Excellent puncture resistance performance
  • Excellent chemical resistance to alkaline water from concrete slurry
  • Cold-application with pressure sensitive adhesives, eco-friendly and does not need cement-mortar protective layer

Typical applications

  • Used in below grade waterproofing applications
  • Basement wall and slab
  • Tunnel walls and subway walls


TamSeal 2000

TamSeal 2000 Technical Data Sheet - Global Version

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