Normet Training Solutions

Normet Training Solutions

We provide training for the entire Normet product range including mining and tunnelling process and applications

Normet Training Solutions aims to continuously improve your knowledge base on the operations of Normet’s offering, and to assist you to get the best out of Normet products, solutions and services. Our offering is supported by our global Normet Academy experts and trainers.

Training services can be tailored to your individual needs and range from equipment service training all away to process application training.

We offer a sustainable training path from the beginning of your operation to the execution stage of your project.


Normet Vehicle Commissioning

Normet extended commissioning
Extended training package on top of standard commissioning. Customers can extend commissioning for any Normet equipment. Training will include deeper insights into Normet maintenance manuals and periodical & daily maintenance points of view. The safety-oriented training expands equipment commissioning to the next level and ensures safe and reliable operations for Normet Battery Electric Vehicles or Normet Diesel-driven vehicles.

Normet SmartDrive® Extended Commissioning Packages

Maintenance Training

Advance training in Normet components and process devices
Customers can pick up training topics on service-related categories and process devices, for example, device: concrete pumps and hydraulic components. Troubleshooting and deeper foundations of technology are included in these training topics.

BEV Service & Maintenance Training

Level 1 Maintenance Training
Base level training to service and maintenance personnel who are handling Normet BEV & SmartDrive products and attend to execute daily or weekly maintenance to BEV units. Mandatory baseline training to proceed next level of BEV maintenance and services.

Level 2 Maintenance Training
Extended Normet BEV safety training around BEV high voltage components, AC/DC component working principles and deeper BEV maintenance. Fault finding, troubleshooting and isolation procedures carry a big role during the course as well safe maintenance of BEV components.

BEV fast charger maintenance training
Safety and maintenance training for high voltage fast chargers units provided by Normet. Extensive course for charger installation, daily operations and full-scale maintenance with troubleshooting.
Note: Maintenance of high voltage chargers is permitted work and requires training provided by Normet for maintenance certification.

BEV Operation Trainings

Safety foundations ONLINE training
General safety training around Battery technology and SmartDrive vehicles. Provides common BEV safety culture lessons and learnings to workspace with first aid procedures and work area isolation rules. Highly recommend this training to personnel who works near and close to battery vehicles or handle BEV accessories. This is a valuable course for all personnel around BEV technology from workshop to higher management personnel.

Fire brigade consultations
General safety training and consultation to work site fire brigade department. Providing valuable information on BEV technology and safety procedures as well as battery chemistry safety analysis.

Process Application Training


Basic operational training
The training gives operators a good, strong base for operating Normet machines using safe, efficient and correct practices. The course includes basic concrete spraying practices after participants have executed beginner-level Normet VR Simulator rehearsals. The course will provide solid foundations for sprayed concrete application for new beginners.

Advance operational training
The training includes concrete spraying theory with more hands-on practice, personal advice and guidance from our concrete spraying specialist. The correct sprayed concrete methods and a deeper understanding of spraying techniques are also included, with both theory and practice using real machines and Normet VR concrete spraying simulator.

EFNARC Nozzleman certification course
High-end sprayed concrete certification together with Normet EFNARC examiners. Globally recognised certificate course for advanced sprayed concrete operators, also suitable for motivated beginners with a high attitude of learning sprayed concrete technology and process. The course includes a full VR simulator spraying course with a certified Normet simulator and deeper insights into the theory and practical assessment. The course will provide EFNARC sprayed concrete nozzleman certificate for passed participants.

Swedish sprayed concrete certification course
This course is only recognised in Sweden. The sprayed concrete operator will gather high-quality theory training by the standards of Swedish Rock Engineering Association and Swedish transport authority Trafikverket. The course includes an intensive VR simulator course as well as a practical assessment. Local certified Normet expert will provide high quality of training and report results to local Swedish authorities to ensure your on-going operations.


Basic operational training
This training focuses on basic operations and daily maintenance of the Scamec machines, with safe ways of working. Daily maintenance and checks, and machine operation and functions will be handled during training. VR Simulator training during course will add easiness between the operators and trainer for common development discussion. With a combined VR Simulator and practical training, this package makes easy process application start-up for new beginners.

Advanced operational training
The training focuses on the correct operation of Scamec and scaling devices and their functions. The training includes safe and correct working practices and operations. Normet Specialists will evaluate each individual's skill and create a personal development plan for each participant. Correct scaling pattern in theory and practical, strengthening the efficiency of the scaling work and saving equipment wear our costs dramatically.

Other Normet Applications

Normet provides application training around the full fleet of Normet equipment offering. Please ask for more information from your nearest Normet office or dealer.

Normet Training Solutions

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