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Normet Training Solutions

Normet Training Solutions

We provide training for the entire Normet product range including mining and tunnelling process and applications

Normet Training Solutions aims to continuously improve your knowledge base on the operations of Normet’s offering, and to assist you to get the best out of Normet products, solutions and services. Our offering is supported by our global Normet Academy subject matter experts and trainers.

Training services can be tailored to your individual needs and range from equipment service training all away to process application training.

We offer a sustainable training path from the beginning of your operation to the execution stage of your project.


  • Extended commissioning
  • Commissioning


  • Advanced maintenance training


  • Fire brigade consultation
  • BEV safety foundations

BEV Maintenance

  • Advanced training
  • BEV fast charger maintenance

Normet Vehicle Commissioning

Extended Commissioning
We offer an extended training package on top of standard commissioning.

Normet provides extended commissioning services that offer basic insights into maintenance manuals, periodical and daily maintenance, as well as modern operating perspectives to maximize handling efficiency. Safety-oriented training ensures reliable operations for Battery Electric Vehicles and Diesel-Driven based on your vehicle fleet. This cost-effectivesolution covers the essential aspects of equipment operation, safety, and maintenance schedules.

Normet Extended Commissioning Packages

Maintenance Training

Advance Maintenance Training

Attendees can choose training sessions for maintenance-related categories, process devices, and troubleshooting. The course also covers a deeper analysis of Electric/Hydraulic/IoT schematics, vehicle maintenance, and system component layouts. Boost your knowledge of vehicle maintenance and troubleshooting.


Safety foundations ONLINE training

General safety training on battery technology and SmartDrive vehicles, encompassing BEV safety culture, first aid procedures, and work area isolation rules. Highly recommended for personnel near battery vehicles or handling BEV accessories. Essential for all BEV-involved personnel, from workshop staff to management.

Fire brigade consultations

For mine rescue personnel, firefighting experts, and HSE personnel. We educate local rescue organizations about BEV technologies, covering fire and evacuation planning. Enhance safety knowledge and confidence for mine rescue teams.


ADVANCE Maintenance Training

is an advanced-level course that expands upon extended commissioning training, delving into BEV high voltage components, AC/DC principles, and detailed troubleshooting techniques. It emphasizes fault finding, isolation procedures, and safe maintenance practices for BEV components.

BEV fast charger maintenance training

Normet's training covers safety and maintenance for high-voltage fast charger units, including installation, daily operations, full-scale maintenance, and troubleshooting. Certification training by Normet is mandatory for charger maintenance.


  • Certification programs
  • Advanced training
  • Basic training
  • Process audit

Basic operational training
The training provides operators with a solid foundation for operating Normet machines safely, efficiently, and correctly. It covers basic concrete spraying practices following beginner-level Normet VR Simulator rehearsals, offering new beginners a strong base for sprayed concrete application.

Advance operational training
The training offers concrete spraying theory alongside hands-on practice and personalized guidance from our expert operators. It covers correct sprayed concrete methods, advanced spraying techniques, and includes both theory and practice using real machines and the Normet VR concrete spraying simulator.

  • EFNARC Nozzle Operator certification course
  • Swedish Sprayed Concrete certification course

Scaling Application

  • Advanced training
  • Basic training
  • Process audit

Basic operational training
This training covers basic Scamec machine operations and daily maintenance, emphasising safety. It includes daily maintenance, machine operation, and functions training. VR Simulator training fosters easy communication between operators and trainers for development discussions. The combined VR Simulator and practical training facilitate a smooth process application start-up for beginners.

Advanced operational training
The training emphasises the proper operation of Scamec and scaling devices, covering safe practices and operations. Normet Specialists assess each participant's skills and create personalised development plans. Learning correct scaling patterns in theory and practice enhances efficiency and significantly reduces equipment wear costs.

Other Normet Applications

Normet provides application training around the full fleet of Normet equipment offering. Please ask for more information from your nearest Normet office or dealer.

Normet Training Solutions

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