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Normet Extended Commissioning Packages

Normet Extended Commissioning Packages

Normet's global Academy experts and local service team provide training for our customers with new Normet Battery Electric Vehicle, Electro-Dynamic or Diesel-Driven equipment deliveries.

For a safe and productive start!

We offer an extended training package on top of standard commissioning. Normet provides extended commissioning services that offer basic insights into maintenance manuals, periodical and daily maintenance, as well as modern operating perspectives to maximize handling efficiency.

To ensure continuous and maximized safe operations with your new equipment and expand your knowledge scale of operations, this option is the most suitable and recommended option for extending your new equipment training. This cost-effective solution covers the essential aspects of equipment operation, safety, and maintenance schedules.

Normet SmartDrive® is a modular battery electric vehicle (BEV) architecture designed to optimize energy consumption and performance in underground mining and tunneling applications, to ensure your new technology implementation and understanding, we are happy to support you with our Extended Commissioning packages and BEV professionals.

The extended commissioning package covers

  • On-line operations safety training
  • Operator training in the classroom and handling the vehicle in practice.
  • Basic maintenance assistance training
  • Safety training for local response organization
  • With BEV & ED & Diesel vehicles, extended isolation and vehicle safety training.

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