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Take your fleet into the future

With Remanufacturing you can

Remanufacturing will extend the working life of your old machine by an average of 10 000 hours. It will update your machine up to the latest safety and sustainability standards, and improve your fleet productivity. Remanufacturing is available for all Normet machines and every remanufactured machine comes with a 6 months/1000 hour warranty.

What is Remanufacturing?

Remanufacturing is a sustainable service solution that restores your machine to as-good-as-new condition, with as-new reliability and performance. It can cover ALL structures, systems and components in the machine, inside and out. Normet Services provides standard service packages for all Normet machines with fixed pricing, for quick quotations, and predictable budgeting and scheduling.

What are the benefits of Remanufacturing?

  • Extending machine life by an average of 10 000 hours
  • Like-new performance and reliability
  • Increased fleet uptime and productivity
  • Compliance with the latest environmental standards
  • A clear process with standard procedures for quick quotes and predictable scheduling
  • Optional upgrades and modifications
  • More predictable maintenance needs
  • Familiar machines to minimize training needs and ease of maintenance

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What do you get with Remanufacturing?

  • A good-as-new machine
  • A 6 months/1000 hour warranty
  • High quality original parts
  • Excellent customer service
  • Testing and quality assurance
  • Convenient workshop logistics
  • Complete knowledge of every Normet product

Normet Services completely disassembles your machine and thoroughly inspects all internal and external parts.

What does Remanufacturing include?

During the remanufacturing process, Normet Services completely disassembles your machine and thoroughly inspects all internal and external parts. This includes all structures, systems and mechanical components. We sandblast and repaint the structures. Then we replace and update the hydraulics and electronics, and all other necessary parts, as well as installing any optional upgrades and modifications. After assembly, we do quality assurance and thoroughly test the remanufactured machine for safe and reliable performance. The remanufactured machine is then granted a full warranty, and delivered with full documentation and licensing.

Find out more about Remanufacturing from Normet Services

Contact us to find out more about Normet Remanufacturing service packages for your machines and fleet. Your Normet Services representative will also be pleased to discuss options for upgrades and modifications, as well as options for temporary replacement machines to minimise disruption to your operations. Note that we will do the work wherever it’s most convenient for you: at your nearest Normet Service Centre.

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