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Aliva 403.6


Aliva dosing units streamline the accurate administration of liquid admixtures. Constructed from premium materials, they come with an Inox fitting equipped with a manometer, and a suction hose with a lance as standard.

For enhanced convenience and to meet regulatory standards in various countries, an optional backflow preventer for drinking water protection is available for all models.


Aliva 403.6 Air

The Aliva 403.6 Air is driven by compressed air. 7 bar and 3 Nm³/min of compressed air are required. The pump can be adjusted to deliver between the following volume ranges:

DL10: 40-240 litres/h
DL18: 150-700 litres/h

The flow rate is controlled by the amount of air entering the drive. A display gives an exact reading of the volume pumped.

Aliva 403.6 Manual

The flow rate is controlled by a potentiometer on the frequency converter, and delivers a volume of 30 – 700 litres/h.

Aliva 403.6 Synchro

The output is automatically regulated according to the output of a rotor machine or concrete pump. After programming the amount of cement in the concrete and the volume per revolution or stroke, the control system converts the required delivery rate.

Dosing starts and stops synchronously with the feeding machine. The pump delivers from 30 to 700 litres/h.

The flow rate can be synchronized with the output rate any piston pump.

Key specification

  • Aliva 403.6 Air pumping output: 40 - 700 litre/h
  • Aliva 403.6 Manual pumping output: 30 – 700 litres/h
  • Aliva 403.6 Synchro pumping output: 30 – 700 litre/h
  • Additive-adding for dry and wet spraying
  • Reliable and rugged
  • Combine with any pump or rotor machine



  • Inox fitting with manometer and push switch
  • Air or electric drives
  • Manual or synchronized output adjustments
  • Suction hose with lance


  • Precise dosing (factory set)
  • For dry and wet spraying
  • Stepless output adjustment
  • Compact and robust design
  • Dry run resistant


Aliva 403.6

Aliva 403.6 Air Flyer - English Aliva 403.6 Manual Flyer - English Aliva 403.6 Synchro Flyer - English Aliva 403.6 Air Flyer - German Aliva 403.6 Manual Flyer - German Aliva 403.6 Synchro Flyer - German Aliva 403.6 Flyer - SpanishAliva 403.6 Manual Flyer - SpanishAliva 403.6 Flyer - Spanish

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