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ALIVA 101 spray head - Efficiency, Precision, and Safety Redefined

The manual application of sprayed concrete is physically demanding, time-consuming, tedious, often dangerous, and due to the limited spraying range, often must be carried out in several passes. In addition, an unfavorable spraying angle and distance due to the working height leads to excessive rebound and poor compaction of the sprayed material.

The advanced design of Aliva's spray head, with its unrivalled degrees of freedom and adaptability to a wide range of excavator mounts including quick couplers, offers an extended working range with equipment often already on site.

Changing excavator attachments to the spray head becomes a matter of minutes thanks to the integrated hydraulic power generator, as no external power supply is required to control the valves. The included radio remote control controls the spray head movements from a safe distance from the spraying area, parallel to the joysticks of the boom from the cab allowing even the most difficult jobs to be completed with ease and precision.

Aliva 101 is not just a spray head; it is part of a comprehensive concrete spraying solution. In combination with the Aliva conveying machines for thin or dense stream process and matching hose systems, it forms a complete, self-sufficient concrete spraying system that ensures smooth operation and consistent performance.

With Aliva's spray head, jobs are completed more efficiently, quickly, and with a high level of quality.

Increased productivity

Improve efficiency by eliminating unnecessary work stages.

Increased safety

Minimize physical strain and risk of injury associated with manual spraying and ensure safer working environment.

Increase efficiency

Complete jobs more efficiently and quickly by increasing output, while reducing downtime.

Increased quality

Achieve consistently high-quality results in concrete spraying, ensuring precision and accuracy even on the most challenging jobs.

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