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At Normet, Safety is our priority


Ensure physical and mental well-being of everyone and maintain a health work-life balance.


A safe and inspiring working environment for everyone.


Sustainability driving our product and offering development.

Working with customers to improve their productivity whilst minimising waste and environmental impact.


Our strength that comes from knowing our customer's work environment, from our products' technical and economic efficiency, and from strong focus on safety, work hygiene and ergonomics.

Normet Life Saving Rules

The Fundamentals

  • Be fit for work and have all the required permits to perform the task
  • Assess risks associated with the task and know what to do in case of emergency
  • Have the right tools and equipment and ensure that they are in proper condition
  • Wear and use appropriate personal protective equipment
  • Report all incidents and HSE observations

For more details on Normet's Life Saving Rules, click here

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