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Elko Mining Expo 2024

Elko Mining Expo - One of the oldest and most respected mining expos in the United States

Nevada, United States
June 6 - June 7, 2024

The Elko Mining Expo is a dynamic platform where suppliers, buyers, and industry experts converge to shape the future of mining.

What to Expect:

Visit Our Booth 637

Featured Showcase:

  • Piccola - The godfather of all shotcrete machines
  • Aliva AL-252 - Robust, compact and reliable shotcrete machine for dry mixes
  • Xrock XB6 - The agile and durable hammer for tough jobs

Why Attend?

  • Networking Opportunities: Whether you're looking to forge new connections or strengthen existing ones, this expo is the perfect platform to meet industry professionals and discuss potential collaborations.
  • Professional Development: Enhance your skills and expand your knowledge about the mining industry and the latest tools driving its evolution. With exhibitors ranging from mining operators to consulting firms and equipment suppliers, you'll have access to valuable insights and resources to stay ahead in this dynamic field.
  • Access to Top Industry Players: The Elko Mining Expo attracts key players in the industry. Whether you're seeking new business opportunities, seeking advice, or simply looking to stay updated on industry trends, this expo puts you in direct contact with the people driving the mining sector forward.

For more information, visit the official conference website: Elko Mining Expo

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