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Multi-functional Carrier



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Multimec MF 100 Stage IIIA

Multimec MF 100

  • Multi-functional carrier with interchangeable cassettes
  • Carrying capacity: 10 tonnes
  • Tramming height: 2.6 m (with some cassettes higher)

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Specific purpose cassettes for Multimec - multi-functional carriers with an interchangeable cassette system

C010 Compressor Cassette Front View

C010 Compressor Cassette

    C060 Pipe Deck Cassette Back View

    C060 Pipe Deck Cassette

      C060 Tipping Cassette

      C060 Tipping Cassette

        C100 Cargo with openable side edges

        C100 Cargo Cassette

          Cassette C162 Per Front View

          C162 Personnel Cassette

            Cassette C100 Flat Front View

            C100 Flat Deck Cassette

              C100 Material Cassette Front View

              C100 Material Cassette

                Cassette C100 Workshop Front View

                C100 Workshop Cassette

                  Cassette C125 Crane Front View

                  C125 Crane Cassette

                    Cassette C135 Crane Front View

                    C135 Crane Cassette

                      C135 Flat with Crane

                      C135 Flat Deck Cassette

                        C280 Sludge Cassette Front View

                        C280 Sludge Cassette

                          C300 Mixer Cassette Front View

                          C300 Mixer Cassette

                            C315 Scissor Lift without Crane Front View

                            C315 Scissor Cassette

                              C350 Fuel Cassette Front View

                              C350 Fuel Cassette

                                C350 Lube Cassette Back View

                                C350 Lube Cassette

                                  C350 Water Cassette Front View

                                  C350 Water Cassette

                                    C490 Fire Cassette Front View

                                    C490 Fire Cassette

                                      C500 Fuel Cassette

                                      C500 Fuel Cassette

                                        C500 Mixer Cassette Front View

                                        C500 Mixer Cassette

                                          C500 Water Cassette

                                          C500 Water Cassette

                                            C600 Explosives Cassette Front View

                                            C600 Explosives Cassette

                                              C600 Emulsion Cassette 1

                                              C600 Emulsion Cassette

                                                C600H ANFO Cassette Front View

                                                C600 H Explosives Cassette

                                                  C603 Basket Boom Cassette Front View

                                                  C603 Basket Boom Cassette

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