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Breaker Booms

Our decades-long commitment to serviceability and customer-centric design has led us to create a comprehensive solution that enhances your mining business. Our booms range from portable to stationary crushing to grizzly operations, Normet Xrock booms’ agility, robustness, and converge will redefine your operations. Our dedication to practicality extends to common spare parts, simplifying replacements and reducing downtime. Service points are strategically positioned to ensure accessibility and fast maintenance.

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X22-series breaker booms

  • For stationary and mobile crushing
  • Horizontal reach: from 2.9 m up to 3.5 m
  • Breaker weight: from 200 kg to 600 kg

Normet Xrock Breaker Booms

Elevating safety, maximizing efficiency.

Agile and robust
Normet Xrock booms are designed to master a variety of applications from stationary crushing and grizzly operations. Robust and agile design ensures long service life and effortless usability.

Excellent serviceability
Our accessible service points with renowned maintenance and cost-effective spare parts services ensure that owning a Normet Xrock breaker is always an asset, and your work never stops.

Enhanced safety and productivity
Using dedicated booms for rock breaking significantly enhances mining productivity by reducing downtime caused by blockages or oversized rocks, ensuring smoother material flow through the production process. In addition, breaker booms eliminate the need for miners to approach hazardous areas, minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Customised OEM Solutions

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