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Hydraulic Breakers

When you must get the job done, your choice should be Xrock hydraulic breaker. Xrock breakers are designed to be your trusted solution. You’ll find a breaker that’s suitable for every carrier from our three comprehensive ranges.

Normet Xrock hydraulic breakers

S-range breakers

  • The most compact range of hydraulic breakers
  • Working weight: From 335 kg to 450 kg
  • Excavator weight: From 4 ton to 10 ton

Normet Xrock Hydraulic Breakers

Made to break, built to last.

Normet Xrock breakers are made for professional use for excavators from 4 ton up to 120 ton. Breakers can be used on all common applications and tailored for special applications such as underwater jobs and extreme, hot applications. A diverse selection of breakers with small weight differences between 335 kg and 7250 kg ensure perfect match on every carrier. Xrock breakers are ideal for a variety of urban and infrastructure tasks, tunnelling, and breaking both rock and frozen ground.

There are no pointless gimmicks you’d pay too much for. We know what’s required of a hydraulic breaker: our carefully selected features ensure you get the job done and keep your operating costs low. At the same time, we cut out the extras: you only pay for optional features when needed, with an Xrock breaker, you will not pay for something that’s not essential to your work.

Fast delivery
Normet Xrock breakers have excellent availability – from order to delivery takes only a few days, this allows you to get to work quickly and ensure your project goes without delay.

Excellent serviceability and reliability
The reliability of breaker hammers reduces the risk of unexpected downtime, when construction projects can stick to their schedules and avoid costly delays associated with equipment malfunctions. Our accessible service points with renowned maintenance and cost-effective spare parts services ensure that owning a Normet Xrock breaker is always an asset, and your work never stops.

Low operating costs
Normet Xrock breakers have improved features for breaking abrasive rock, and optimized flow and pressure levels for reduced fuel costs.

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