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TamCrete CG


TamCrete CG is a unique water reducing admixture (in powder form), specially developed to enhance the flowability, stability, and thixotropic properties of cement grouts. It exhibits excellent pumping characteristics and high early strengths with water cement ratios as low as 0.23.

TamCrete CG undergoes Dual Expansion in the hydration process which eliminates shrinkage, ensuring rock bolts and cable anchors are securely and fully encased.

Prevents corrosion of steel

Key specification

  • Cable and bolt grouting admixture

Key benefits

  • Highly flowable at low water cement ratios
  • Thixotropic properties - Grout remains even in overhead holes
  • Stable grout with zero bleed
  • Cables and bolts fully encased, due to dual expansion
  • Prevents corrosion of steel
  • Exhibits high early and ultimate strengths

Typical applications

  • Rock bolt and soil nail installations
  • Grouting of pre-stressed cable bolts
  • High performance tunnel backfill grout applications
  • Encasement of pipe pile roofs in tunnels
  • Grouting applications requiring high flow


TamCrete CG

TamCrete CG Technical Data Sheet - Asia Version

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