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TamCrete MRO


TamCrete MRO is a low-odour, low-viscosity, ready-to-use chemical form release agent suitable for all types of mould and shutter faces. It creates a thin metallic soap film which prevents concrete bonding with formwork and provides a uniform high-grade finish.

Non-staining, high-grade finish achievable

Key specification

  • Mould release oil

Key benefits

  • Low viscosity provides easy application
  • Work environment-friendly due to its low odour
  • Reduction in time spent on application and cleaning of formwork
  • Non-staining, high-grade finish achievable
  • Protection of timber forms from warping
  • Inhibits rusting of steel forms

Typical applications

  • Plywood, timber, steel and plastic faced formwork and moulds.
  • Construction tools e.g. concrete pump trucks, hoppers and wheel barrows etc.
  • Protect from plastering to window or door frames


TamCrete MRO

TamCrete MRO Technical Data Sheet - Asia Version

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