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TamCrete K1


TamCrete K1 is a blend of high-grade silicates and wetting agents, held in suspension with water as a carrier. Once applied to the concrete surface, this unique product increases surface abrasion resistance, dust proofs hardens and seals, all in one product.

Resistant to acid concentrates

Key specification

  • Concrete floor hardener and sealer

Key benefits

  • UV stable
  • Will not yellow or discolour
  • Totally seals the concrete surface
  • Increase abrasion resistance
  • Resistant to acid concentrates
  • Totally safe – water based
  • Takes all after trades
  • Normally one coat application
  • Equipment can be easily cleaned with water

Typical applications

  • Multi-storey car parks
  • Concrete bunding areas
  • Sealing tilt up panels
  • Dust proofing porous surfaces
  • Light weight concrete blocks
  • Hardening concrete that requires after trades
  • Repairing rain damaged concrete


TamCrete K1

TamCrete K1 Technical Data Sheet - Global Version

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