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TamCem iBond


TamCem iBond is an aqueous, solvent-free, chloride-free internal curing agent designed for wet-mix sprayed concrete to improve the bond between the sprayed concrete layers and/or to the substrate, and to reduce rapid evaporation of water from the sprayed concrete, typically in permanent sprayed concrete tunnel linings exposed to high levels of ventilation draught, or low relative humidity.

TamCem iBond meets the EN 934-5 compliance requirements for bond-improving admixtures.

Compatible with all types of cement.

Key specification

  • Concrete curing agent for wet-mix sprayed concrete
  • Internal curing and bond improving admixture

Key benefits

  • Improved bond between sprayed concrete and substrate and between subsequent concrete layers
  • Reduced evaporation of water the first hours after spraying
  • No external curing membrane necessary
  • Reduced water permeability for permanent sprayed concrete applications
  • Compatible with all types of cements

Typical applications

  • Tunnels
  • Caverns
  • Mining
  • Slope stabilisation


TamCem iBond

TamCem iBond

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