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TamCem 23


TamCem 23 is a new generation superplasticiser for concrete. It contains polycarboxylate ether polymers and is specially formulated to give exceptionally high water reduction and impact extreme workability and slump retention. It is a non-chloride liquid admixture which has been formulated to comply with the requirements of ASTM C 494 for Type G water-reducing, high range and retarding admixtures. It fully meets the requirements of BS5075: Part 3: 1985 for retarding superplasticising admixtures and JIS A6204 “Chemical Admixtures for Concrete”. It is compatible with all cements meeting recognised international standards.

TamCem 23 performs two key functions in concrete & mortar: it allows significant water reduction without losing workability and it significantly increases the slump without the need to increase the water content.

Using water to increase the workability of concrete can severely weaken the setting strength. TamCem 23 polycarboxylate polymer disperses cement by combining the traditional effect of electrostatic repulsion with ‘steric hindrance’ facilitated by the molecular structure of polycarboxylate ether-based technology. This provides greater dispersion compared to electric only repulsion from those conventional BNS and SMF based superplasticisers.

TamCem 23 requires lower dosage compared to conventional superplasticisers but provides extreme workability characteristics for high slump, flowable, self consolidating concrete. It also exhibits greatly reduced water demand and by increasing the density of side chain grafts improves slump retention.

Reduced slump loss, enhanced easier placement and delivery control

Key specification

  • High water reduction and high flowability superplasticising concrete admixture

Key benefits

  • High water reduction enhances high early and ultimate strengths, and low permeability and makes the concrete highly durable
  • High flowability provides easy placement and compaction
  • Good cohesion, no segregation, minimal bleed water even though it has an extremely high level of workability
  • Reduced slump loss, enhanced easier placement and delivery control
  • High elastic modulus, low shrinkage and creep are achievable with graded coarse and fine aggregates
  • Superior surface finishing

Typical applications

  • High performance concrete
  • Mixing logistics efficiency during large pour
  • Highly flowable concrete
  • Highly durable concrete
  • High strength concrete
  • Ready-mixed concrete
  • Mass concrete
  • Pumped concrete
  • Long distance transportation


TamCem 23

TamCem 23 Technical Data Sheet - Global Version

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