TamFib SP


TamFib SP fibres are a structural polymer based macro fibre for concrete. It turns concrete into a reinforced composite material, increasing flexural toughness and energy absorption performance. Impact and corrosion resistance are also enhanced.

TamFib SP fibres are manufactured to ISO 9001:2008, and conform to EN 14889-2:2006 – Polymer fibres for concrete – Definitions, specifications and conformity.

Ecologic, safer and lighter than steel

Key specification

  • Structural Polymer Macro Fibres for Reinforcing Concrete

Key benefits

  • Excellent energy absorption performance
  • Very high flexural toughness
  • Reduces the spalling possibility of the concrete edges
  • Precise placement of steel mesh is not required, reducing the labour necessary to place and handle it
  • Improves the mixture by reducing the potential of concrete segregation
  • Reduces the overall bleed and consequential settlement cracking
  • Removes the potential risk of corrosion of steel crack control mesh
  • Cost-effective versus steel mesh
  • Ecologic, safer and lighter than steel
  • Being polymer based they are effective permanent solutions as they do not corrode across cracks exposed to aggressive groundwater, or where de-icing salts are frequently used

Typical applications

  • Sprayed concrete ground support in tunnels and mines
  • Cast in-situ tunnel linings and base slabs
  • Pre-cast tunnel linings and associated elements
  • Industrial flooring applications at tunnel and mine sites
  • Mine haulage roadways


TamFib SP

TamFib SP Technical Data Sheet

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