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TamSoil 287AC


TamSoil 287AC is a soil conditioning system with anti-clay properties specifically developed to be used on a tunnel boring machine (TBM). It acts as a soil conditioner for various types of soil conditions, especially clayey soils showing tendancies to cohesion problems as well as adhesion to metal surfaces. TamSoil 287AC gives the excavated soil the necessary plastic properties and reduces soil stickiness at the cutterhead, working chamber and screw conveyor. TamSoil 287AC also creates a homogeneous and compressible spoil in order to reduce the cutterhead torque and secure a constant earth pressure in the working chamber during the excavating process.

Environmentally safe and non-toxic

Key specification

  • Soil conditioning anti-clay foam for TBMs

Key benefits

  • Efficient mixing with the excavated soil, reducing cutter head torque
  • Reduces clay cohesion and adhesion effects
  • Improves spoil rheology
  • Environmentally safe and non-toxic

Typical applications

  • EPB tunnelling in clayey ground conditions
  • Soil conditioning
  • Change of rheological behaviour


TamSoil 287AC

TamSoil 287AC Technical Data Sheet - Global Version

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