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TamGrease BL12


TamGrease BL12 is an anhydrous calcium-thickened lubricating grease based on a renewable biodegradable EP2 grease for tunnel boring machines. TamGrease BL12 is designed to lubricate the main bearing and the screw conveyor drive.

TamGrease BL12 is a high-quality multi-purpose grease for industrial applications and is the primary choice for various types of bearing applications, especially in cases with ‘lost lubrication’.

Good adhesion to metal surfaces

Key specification

  • Biodegradable EP2 grease for TBMs

Key benefits

TamGrease BL12 EP2 grease contains anti-oxidants, corrosion inhibitors and EP/AW additives.

  • Optimal blend of renewable vegetal oils and biodegradable esters
  • Excellent lubricating and pumping properties
  • Good anti-washout properties
  • Good adhesion to metal surfaces

Typical applications

  • EPB TBMs
  • Slurry TBMs
  • Hard Rock TBMs


TamGrease BL12

TamGrease BL12 Technical Data Sheet - Global Version

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