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Normet HP1 & HP2


Normet single piston hand pumps have been designed specifically for use with Normet injection materials. They are easy to operate, portable and do not require any power. Their simple design means that they can be easily stripped down and cleaned on site. Normet single piston hand pumps come in two versions:

Normet HP1: for low volumes (up to 4 litres per minute) and high pressure (up to 200 bar)

Normet HP2: for high volumes (up to 8 litres per minute) and low pressure (up to 60 bar)

Easy to repair and clean

Key specification

  • Single and twin piston hand pumps

Key benefits

  • Light weight
  • Easy to repair and clean
  • Solid construction
  • Can be folded away for easy transport
  • Can be used with various resins types

Typical applications

  • The injection of polyurethane grouts
  • The injection of epoxy resin grouts
  • The Injection of acrylic grouts
  • The injection of micro cement grouts


Normet HP1 & HP2

Normet HP Pump Technical Data Sheet - Asia Version

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