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TamSeal IM


TamSeal IM is a high-performance, elastomeric liquid rubber membrane specifically designed for waterproofing a range of vertical and horizontal surfaces. TamSeal IM is a water-based compound, formulated on a styrene-butadiene co-polymer.

TamSeal IM demonstrates durable and elastomeric characteristics, providing a seamless waterproof coating on building substrates and surfaces before other suitable finishes or toppings are applied.  Once cured, TamSeal IM withstands ponding water and can be applied in continuously immersed areas forming a seamless waterproof membrane.

Can be applied in continuously immersed areas

Key specification

  • Liquid applied rubber waterproofing membrane

Key benefits

  • Water-based
  • Elastomeric and flexible
  • Can be applied in continuously immersed areas
  • Resistant to fungi and algae growth
  • Tough and durable
  • Environmentally friendly water-based product. No solvents and no VOC's.

Typical applications

  • Waterproofing of Wet Areas (under-tile) in Bathrooms, Balconies, Kitchens, etc.
  • Terrace floors and similar areas that will be finished over with a trafficable topping or other suitable finish
  • Fully immersed areas such as water features, fish ponds, fountains etc.
  • Concrete, cement render and mortar, stone, masonry brick, cement sheeting, plasterboard, wet area timber sheeting, concrete and clay blocks/bricks, treated metals.


TamSeal IM

TamSeal IM Technical Data Sheet - Global Version

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