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Aliva 101


The Aliva 101 spray head with a built-in dynamo is an innovative solution from Aliva. Eliminating the need for an external power supply, spraying concrete on walls or providing shotcrete excavation support is easier than ever. With its quick connect and straightforward assembly on various machines like diggers and excavators, the quick connect spray head is incredibly versatile.

Key specification

  • Quick and easy to mount
  • For dry and wet mixes
  • Compatible with rotary machines and concrete pumps



  • Suitable for any excavator
  • Radio remote control
  • Compatible with any quick-release system
  • Connection to excavator hydraulics
  • Can be used with Aliva pumps and rotary machines as a complete, self-sufficient concrete spraying system


  • Enhanced labour safety
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Makes scaffolding or scissor lifts for spraying concrete obsolete
  • Gives your excavator and additional function


Aliva 101

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