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Aliva 201


The Aliva 201 is a compact solution tailored for concrete repair in pressure silos. Its straightforward and swift installation directly onto the silo gate ensures convenience and a dust- and pulsation-free material conveying experience. With fast and easy mounting, coupled with an infinitely variable conveying capacity, it's a reliable choice for efficient operations.

Key specification

  • Compact concrete spraying machine for dry conveying
  • Output from 2 to 5 m3/h
  • Simple mounting and fast installation



  • Air maintenance unit with filter, drain water separator and pressure regulator
  • Control cabinet with display
  • Automatic control of silo and conveying air
  • Pressure gauge for system-, silo- and conveying air pressure
  • Connection for level sensors, silo gate and vibrator


  • High flexibility as machines are small and can be moved quickly
  • 24/7 availability (oven dry mix)
  • Easy handling, cleaning and low maintenance
  • Solid mechanical background with limited electric know-how is sufficient
  • Long distances horizontally (300 m with pipes) and vertically (100 m with pipes)
  • Pneumatic drive possible
  • Suitable for concrete repairs
  • Great range of output capacity with one machine
  • Good on jobsites with many interruptions
  • Handy in confined areas
  • Lighter, less rigid and cheaper hoses
  • Less cement/fines than pumpable concrete
  • Less prone to problems with oversizes or mixture


Aliva 201

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