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Charmec MC 605 DA(V)


The Charmec MC 605 DA(V) is a purpose-built underground ANFO feeder designed for face and production feeding in underground mines and tunnels with a cross-section of up to 65 m2 and a maximum face height of 8.8 meters. The machine is available with a wide range of useful accessories and voluminous ANFO hoppers, ranging from two 360-liter hoppers to two 720-liter hoppers. It has a FOPS/ROPS cab and an efficient diesel-hydraulic driveline with a Tier 3 engine. The MC 605 DA is equipped with special storage solutions for packaged explosives, detonators and fuses, eliminating the need for an additional explosives service vehicle.

Since the launch of the first Normet charger in the 1970s, we have gained extensive experience in the field of underground charging. Since then, we have continuously developed our chargers and consolidated our position as the world's leading manufacturer of chargers for underground explosives.

Key specification

  • Multi-purpose charger
  • Carrying capacity: Two 360 l to 720 l ANFO vessels
  • Lifting capacity: Up to 500 kg
  • Max. vertical reach: 8.8 m
  • Tramming height: 2.7 m



  • FOPS/ROPS approved cabin
  • Cabin door interlock switches with safety brake application as standard
  • Optional reversing camera for improved reversing visibility
  • SAHR fail-safe safety brakes
  • Optional safety bar (also with hydraulic lift) or safety roof with hydraulic lift (also with slide)

Ergonomics and operator environment

  • Cabin designed with ergonomics and safety as the priority
  • Optional air conditioning and cabin heating for enclosed cabin
  • Multifunctional display with access to key driving information
  • Driver’s compartment with a pivoting instrument console with driving controls and pedals
  • Suspended driver’s seat with retractable lap seat belt
  • Available with upper or lower assembly height

Productivity and efficiency

  • 2 ANFO vessels and work stand, 1 charging operator
  • Multiple optional vessel sizes from 360 l to 720 l
  • Optional 2 charging operators
  • Optional ANFO module with 1 ANFO vessel and ANFO transport room or 1 ANFO vessel with a 4 m3/min on-board compressor
  • 500 l stainless steel ANFO kettle
  • Extra air for charging
  • Pneumatic hand and foot control for charging and blowing
  • Optional radio controlled charging and blowing in basket
  • Pneumatic control in basket to switch between vessels
  • Earth straps (front and rear)
  • Storage area for packaged explosives
  • Storage boxes for primers and detonators
  • 2-man basket with a 500 kg lifting capacity
  • Automatic levelling of basket
  • Diesel start/stop from basket
  • Battery operated emergency pump for lowering the boom
  • Optional LED working lights for safety roof/bar (43 W)
  • Optional boom suspension
  • Optional automatic lubrication system (carrier or both carrier and boom)
  • Front and rear support legs (extendable at the load end)


Charmec MC 605 DA(V)

Charmec MC 605 DA(V) Stage III and Stage V Technical Data Sheet - Global VersionNormet Equipment Brochure

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