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Charmec RM 905 TA(C)


Charmec RM 905 TA(C) is a rigid frame, twin-boom unit for safe and productive bulk ANFO charging in tunnelling operations. For both shorter charging cycle times and excellent face reach and coverage, it is equipped with two of our NBB3 booms, each with a lifting capacity of 500 kg and a maximum lifting height of 9.1 meters. Available with features like a high-capacity 6 m3/min on-board compressor for maximum ANFO flow, a FOPS/ROPS safety cabin and either a Tier 3 or a Stage V engine for clean and efficient operation, the robust machine is specifically designed to thrive in challenging underground conditions. Moreover, the RM 905 TA(C) can also be fitted with an ANFO moistening system for even better charging results and an ANFO tank filling system for enhanced productivity.

We have gathered extensive expertise in underground charging from the launch of the first Normet charger in the 1970’s. Ever since, we have continuously developed our charging equipment and solidified our place as the world-leading manufacturer of underground explosives chargers.

Key specification

  • Twin-boom tunnelling charger
  • Carrying capacity: Two 360 l, 500 l or 720 l ANFO vessels
  • Lifting capacity: Up to 500 kg per boom
  • Max. vertical reach: 11 m
  • Tramming height: 3 m



  • FOPS/ROPS approved cabin
  • Cabin door interlock switches with safety brake application as standard
  • Optional reversing camera system for improved reversing visibility
  • SAHR, fail-safe safety brakes
  • Optional basket safety roof (with hydraulic lift / lift & slide)

Ergonomics and operator environment

  • Cabin designed with ergonomics and safety as the priority
  • Multifunctional display with access to key driving information
  • Air-suspended T-back driver’s seat with a 3-point seat belt
  • Optional interior cooling fan

Productivity and efficiency

  • Twin-boom system for double the productivity
  • 2 ANFO vessels with multiple optional vessel sizes from 360 l to 720 l
  • 2 charging operators
  • Available with multiple different ANFO module configurations with e.g. a 6 m3/min on-board compressor and an ANFO filling system
  • Hydraulically driven pressure washer with hose reel
  • Two robust and durable 2-person NBB3 basket booms
  • Optional boom suspension
  • Front and rear support legs (extendable at the load end)


Charmec RM 905 TA(C)

Charmec RM 905 TA(C) Stage III and Stage V TDS - Global Version Normet Equipment Brochure

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