Normet ECM


Normet ECM is our emulsion charging module for superiorly safe and productive development and production charging with site-sensitized bulk emulsions. It is capable of delivering decoupled charges in development charging or different densities in production charging and comes with a development charging hose reel as standard. Furthermore, the optional hose pusher eliminates the physical stress of manual hose handling and makes production charging faster.

Normet ECM is astonishingly accurate, extremely productive with a high-capacity pumping system and equipped with many safety features like automatic process termination with pre-specified criteria such as too low or high pumping pressure. Operated with a fast and ergonomic graphical user interface with radio control, the Normet ECM sets new industry standards for safety, operator ergonomics, productivity, accuracy and reporting. Optimized for different Normet Charmec underground mining carriers depending on the size, available tank capacities for the module cover matrix payloads of 1.5, 2.2 and 3 tonnes.

Key specification

  • Emulsion charging module
  • Carrying capacity: 1.5/2.2/3 t ANE tank volumes



  • Automatic process termination with too low/high pumping pressure, too high temperature or no flow
  • Different access levels for the user interface

Ergonomics and operator environment

  • Advanced graphical user interface
  • Hose reel for mechanical charging hose handling in development charging
  • Hose pusher for eliminating heavy work in production charging

Productivity and efficiency

  • Emulsion mixing and pumping unit with up to 95 kg/min matrix delivery
  • Accuracy of +/- 5 %
  • Face charging reel
  • Radio control for charging
  • Frame process lines from the charging kit to the hose reel
  • Process control box in the basket
  • Optional hose pusher and reel for production charging
  • Optional acetic acid additive dosing system
  • Options for different charging hoses
  • Optional matrix refilling pump (200 kg/min) & matrix tank level sensor
  • Available with electrical operation with a power pack


Normet ECM

Normet ECM Emulsion Charging Module Technical Data Sheet

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