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Utimec MF 400 Lube


Utimec MF 400 Lube with a transportation capacity of 4000 litres is designed for fuel and lubrication oil transportation in underground mines and tunnels. Its stainless-steel tank is built with a modular layout, allowing its volume to be divided into up to five smaller sections from 250 to 2500 litres, each with their individual pump, flow meter, hose reel and tire filling gun. The MF 400 Lube has a FOPS/ROPS approved cabin and comes with several safety features as standard.

Whether it is water, fuel, lubricants or fire extinguishing equipment that needs to be transported to the work site, our wide tanker vehicle offering is designed to meet and exceed all demands in harsh underground conditions.

Key specification

  • Fuel and lubrication oil transportation vehicle
  • Carrying capacity: 4000 litres
  • Tramming height: 2.3 m



  • FOPS/ROPS approved cabin
  • Cabin door interlock switches with safety brake application as standard
  • Optional reversing camera system for superior reversing visibility
  • SAHR, fail-safe safety brakes


  • Available with low-emission Stage V engine technology

Ergonomics and operator environment

  • Cabin designed with ergonomics and safety as the priority
  • Air-suspended T-back driver’s seat with 3-point seat belt
  • Multifunctional display with access to key driving information
  • Optional front axle suspension system for increased operator comfort

Productivity and efficiency

  • Modular 4000 l tank capacity for fluids, can be divided into up to 5 separate sections
  • Stainless steel tanks
  • Pneumatic pumps with filling guns, flow meters and reels
  • 18 kg pneumatic greasing system
  • Optional hydraulic-driven pumps
  • Optional 0.4 m3/min compressor with hose reel, air tank and tyre filling pistol
  • Optional protection around tank system made from profile steel
  • Optional hydraulic front support legs
  • Optional pressure washer with a 230 l tank on cabin roof


Utimec MF 400 Lube

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