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Variomec XS 038 E


Variomec XS 038 E is a purpose-built and agile vehicle for explosives transportation in 3.5 m x 3.5 m or larger tunnels. The vehicle has a 3.8-tonne carrying capacity and offers a safe compartment with rubber lining and a separate box for detonators.

Our most compact carrier, the Variomec XS, is designed to minimize total cost of ownership and provide excellent performance with best-in-class safety and payload capacity against current competition in the market.

Key specification

  • Explosives transportation vehicle
  • Carrying capacity: 3.8 tonnes
  • Tramming height: 2.3 m



  • FOPS/ROPS approved cabin
  • Improved visibility with maximized window area
  • Cabin door interlock switches with safety brake application as a standard and for the personnel compartment as an option
  • Mechanically suspended T-back driver’s seat with a 3-point seat belt
  • Suspended seats with 3-point seat belts in the personnel compartment
  • Optional reverse camera system for superior reversing visibility
  • SAHR, fail-safe safety brakes

Ergonomics and operator environment

  • New cabin with superior safety, visibility and operator ergonomics
  • Full chassis suspension system
  • Air conditioning and heating for cabin and the personnel compartment as an option
  • Multifunctional display with access to key driving information

Productivity and efficiency

  • Robust explosive compartment with rubber lining
  • Separate compartment for detonators and primers
  • Smoke detectors and door switches in explosive compartment
  • Possible to use the same carrier for multiple purposes
  • All daily checks can be done from the ground level


Variomec XS 038 E

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