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Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Expert advice on maintenance and safety improvements throughout your operations.

Peak process performance

Empower your operations with Normet advisory services and let our experts maximize your process competence. Our mining and tunnelling industry professionals complement your knowledge and are ready to advise you on the best ways to improve the performance of your equipment, from concrete sprayers to explosives chargers.  Our process expertise lets you improve the quality and reliability of your planning and logistics at all project stages.

Advisory services can be combined with audit and supervisory services as needed to provide you with an in-depth, comprehensive solution covering every aspect of your business.

Improve the quality and reliability of your planning and logistics

Advisory Services

  • Expert guidance on performance and reliability upgrades
  • Expand your knowledge with the help of our experts
  • Reduce unplanned maintenance costs and improve logistics
  • Service, maintenance, and safety improvements

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