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Supervisory Services

Supervisory Services

Personal Supervision on-site by Normet mining and tunnelling experts

On-site guidance from Normet experts

Working underground, not everything always goes according to plan, and even the most prepared and organized operators can run into problems. Our high-level experts have full knowledge of your process and equipment cycles.

Visiting you on-site, Normet professionals help you ensure that your mining and tunnelling equipment is functioning as it should be, and provide training to get your employees up to speed without delay. Depending on your specific needs we are also ready to take full responsibility for the maintenance of your fleet within full-scope service projects. Customisable supervisory service agreements mean you can receive this service as a one-off or on a recurring basis. Also, supervisory services can be combined with audit and advisory services as needed to provide you with an in-depth, comprehensive solution covering every aspect of your business.

Ensuring that your mining and tunnelling equipment is functioning as it should be

Supervisory Services

  • Personal expert supervision for maximum performance
  • Full process expertise
  • On-site recommendations to improve the productivity of your operations
  • Service, maintenance, and safety supervision

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