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Rental Questions & Answers

Rental Questions & Answers

Want to read the most common questions about Normet Rentals? Please find the comprehensive yet compact Q&A summary.

1. All Normet Rentals are accompanied by comprehensive parts and service agreements. What does this mean in practice?

Practically, this means that we will agree on periodical field service visits to the site, or provision a dedicated on-site service technician. The field service technician will maintain the machine and recommend spare parts as required. Customers will then buy the spare parts and the field service technician will install them to keep the machine up and running.

2. “We can provide highly skilled trainers who can audit your operations and conduct comprehensive application and operator training as required.” What does this mean in practice?

It means that we provide commissioning and start-up training at the beginning of the rental period. In addition, customers can order various audits from Normet that help them to choose the correct machines for the job. Furthermore, Normet can provide additional training on machine use.

3. What is the minimum rental period?

Six months.

4. What is the average rental period?

Around one year; the most typical rental periods are 12 and 24 months.

5. What happens to the equipment after each rental?

The equipment is refurbished to rental-ready condition. The average lifetime of rental equipment is 5–7 years. However, that lifetime can be doubled with a rebuild.

6. How are logistics handled? How is the equipment delivered to the destination?

We use Ex Works (EXW) terms. The rental period begins when the equipment is in the warehouse and ready to be picked up. It ends when the equipment is returned to the Normet Warehouse. Customers arrange transportation unless otherwise arranged.

7. How should customers maintain and store the rental equipment?

Rental equipment should be returned in a re-rentable condition (grade 3). All the grades are defined in the Condition grade classification document which you can download from this rentals page.

The maintenance contract ensures that there will not be any major repair cost required at the end of the lease period. This is a true customer benefit.

8. In what condition should the equipment be returned?

Rental equipment should be returned in a re-rentable condition (grade 3).

9. If the rental period is two years, does your representative visit the site after a year and assess the condition of the rented equipment and perform maintenance?

A typical service interval is stipulated in the rental contract and is typically one to two months. A Normet's Field Service Technician will visit the site to perform service. Sometimes a technician will stay on site, especially if the customer has more than one rented machine.

The Normet Field Service Technician will carry out the end of rental AUDIT for the rented equipment about a month before the end of the rental period. This check determines final repair requirements and any spare parts required to bring the machine to re-rental (grade 3) condition. Customers may take care of the repairs themselves, or ask Normet to carry them out.

10. What kind of pre-payment terms do you have?

Unless otherwise agreed, we have a 2-month rental deposit.

11. In what kind of projects is the rental equipment mostly used?

Rental equipment is mostly used in tunnelling projects. The duration of this kind of project is usually relatively short, so purchasing equipment is seldom economical.

Mines use rental machines for “bridging” purposes, among other reasons. They might be waiting for new equipment to be built and delivered (delivery may take more than half a year).

12. What kind of experience does Normet have as a rental machine supplier?

We have years of experience all over the world. Our current rental fleet consists of +200 units.

13. Why rent equipment from Normet?

Normet machines cannot be rented elsewhere. Similar machines may in some cases be rented from competitors, but Normet's strength lies in a comprehensive service network and spare parts delivery to ensure machine uptime throughout the rental period. Customers are never left alone.

In addition, Normet's strength is that our machines are durable and easy to maintain – that is why they can be rented, year after year. Normet also ensures that each rental unit is in excellent condition before the rental begins. Rentals come with a 12 -month, 1000-hour warranty for new machines or six-month, 500-hour warranty used machines (whichever reach first). Compared to buying a new machine, the advantages of renting include a shorter delivery time, a competitive rental price, and optimal cash flow (no big advance investment). The service agreements combine in the rental ensure that the machine is available for use throughout the rental period.

14. Is there a help line for rental fleet customers?

Local Normet salespeople are your first point of contact. They allocate local support: maintenance crew and Normet technical support.

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