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Hindustan Zinc (HZL) RA Mine Site, India - Sprayed Concrete - Optimisation

An example of Normet’s values and commitment in practice – new equipment on-site in 20 days


Hindustan Zinc HZL


Sprayed Concrete



The Project 

On a typical Monday morning at the Iisalmi factory, a sudden message came from our team at Normet India. Our key customer Hindustan Zinc urgently needed a concrete truck for their RA mine site.  

Hindustan Zinc was suffering from reduced concrete transportation capacity yielding to decreased productivity of mine operations. It was May 13th, 2019, and Normet would have to deliver in a couple of weeks.  

The Challenge 

After a quick assessment of the situation, it was clear that manufacturing a new product and delivering it via sea freight would take too long.  

Different scenarios were prepared to solve the customer issue on hand. On the next day two alternative proposals were offered to India by the Operation Planning team at Iisalmi Factory.  

Normet was ready to offer either a used mixer cassette or a new Utimec LF 600 Agitator. Later that week, Hindustan Zinc decided to go ahead with the purchase of the new Utimec LF 600 Agitator.  

The next step was to deliver the machine from Finland to India as soon as possible. On May 20th, a week after the initial request, it was confirmed that air freight was to be used from Helsinki airport to India. Normet Oy worked efficiently with Hindustan Zinc to produce all the required paperwork, completed in 72 hours. The delivery could proceed full steam ahead. 

Quick Facts

  • Brand new Utimec LF 600 Agitator answered our customer’s urgent needs
  • Concrete truck delivered from Finland to India in 20 days
  • Normet solved all the logistical issues including strict paperwork
  • The quick response helped our customer to increase productivity on their site

The Solution 

The first challenge arose when the air freight company instructed to dismantle the drum and the base machine. The tight time frame meant that this was not possible. After long negotiations, Normet received confirmation on May 22nd that the machine could be airlifted in one piece.  

The only set back left was that the spare parts package had to be delivered to the site separately. The spare parts package weighted 750 kg on its own and was too heavy to be included in the same transport. 

The second challenge was preparing the delivery documents. The document instructions received from AirBorne Charters India Pvt. Ltd. were extremely strict and took considerable effort to complete. Normet team was able to meet all the requirements. 

With the help of our partners at DHL Finland, we were able to issue all the necessary documents for the flight arrangement (including AWB, DGB, Manifest, etc.). To give an illustration of the extent of the struggle, Normet had to arrange three meetings, have approximately 20 phone calls and sent 190 emails to DHL and Normet India concerning the documents alone. 

Project Outcome

Normet went to extraordinary lengths to meet the customer’s expectations and delivered an entirely new machine to the customer’s site in just 20 days. Normet is committed to our customer’s goals and needs. It is important to be flexible in problem-solving and ensure that our customers have the support they need to be able to focus on their own business. 

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