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Minera Tayahua, Mexico - Sprayed Concrete Optimisation

Spraying process improved by operator training, better fleet maintenance and TamShot 70AF


Minera Tayahua


Sprayed Concrete





The Project 

Minera Tayahua is an underground copper and zinc operation with an extraction capacity of 5,500 tonnes per day. The company decided to invest in increasing the production up to 15,500 tonnes per day with the new Tayahua Primary Copper expansion project. 

The Challenge 

Minera Tayahua had applied sprayed concrete manually for years. The efficiency of the operation was hindered by shortcomings in the spraying process. 

The sprayers had insufficient knowledge of the spraying process, which resulted in high consumption of cement and accelerator. On-site, the quality of the concrete was observed to be inconsistent. 

The company was operating four Alpha 20s, but the performance of the equipment was not up to par due to a lack of proper maintenance. 

Quick Facts

  • Operator training and technical support by Normet
  • Reduction of rebound from 22% to 12%
  • Reduction of cement consumption (50kg/m3)
  • Reduction of accelerator consumption (6 litre/m3)

The Solution 

Normet proposed the use of TamShot 70AF together with full technical support to improve the spraying process.  

Normet conducted extensive trials to find the optimum accelerator dosage rate, performing quality controls on the raw materials and concrete. 

Operator training was provided to teach the technical staff skilled spraying knowledge, such as spray distance, air pressure, accelerator dosage rate and mix workability.  

Technical reports, covering the review process, raw materials analysis, and maintenance, were shared with Tayahua’s management monthly to show the progress made.  

The monthly process audit also included an equipment review programme, maintenance recommendations and instructions for proper maintenance procedures. 

Project Outcome

The use Normet of products together with the improved technical support service has generated significant benefits for Minera Tayahua. Highlights include a reduction of cement consumption (50kg/m3) and accelerator consumption (6 litre/m3) and a reduction of rebound from 22% to 12%. 

The overall performance of the concrete spraying operation improved as the staff now has a better understanding of the operation process after training by Normet.  

Reinforced maintenance of the fleet has led to fewer repairs and less downtime, resulting in lower costs. 

Quality control of the raw materials and concrete both improved. After the trials and months of observation, a dosage was standardized, and the strength of the concrete was increased. 

The full technical support and product quality offered by Normet impressed the Minera Tayahua team. Minera Tayahua is now using Normet admixtures and recommends our service and products to its contracting companies. 

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