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Building for a lifetime

Normet is a world leader in underground technology, pushing the boundaries of traditional tunnelling design and construction. We always have an eye on the future. Over 60 years of experience in developing underground process knowledge helps us to create long-lasting, sustainable tunnelling solutions that improve overall project cost efficiency, safety, and productivity.

When we say we understand tunnelling processes, we really mean it. Because we consider tunnelling projects from a holistic standpoint, we are able to provide large savings in carbon and costs at every stage, helping customers to reach overarching financial and environmental targets.

Saving carbon and costs

From the very beginning of the design process, we help our customers build clever through the use of modern, low-carbon technology combined with our expert industry know-how. State-of-the-art design approaches to construction chemicals, sprayed concrete, waterproofing membranes, and other tunnel linings build on digital monitoring techniques to provide 20-25% reductions in material use and up to 55% reductions in carbon when employed correctly. In fact, using our ultra-low carbon sprayed concrete, CO2 savings of up to 70% can be achieved thanks to no steel fibres and efficient use of accelerators, admixtures, aggregates and binders.

During the tunnelling construction phase, our advanced solutions such as battery-electric vehicles and digital twins make it easy to conduct safe and sustainable tunnelling activities. Normet SmartDrive BEVs optimize energy consumption and allow the use of renewable energy underground, taking a step towards future carbon-neutrality. We make it simple to switch from fossil fuelled tunnel construction equipment by ensuring process efficiency and safety throughout our portfolio.

Developing the digital underground

Making the most of new technology is what we do best. Normet patented SmartScan and SmartSpray solutions provide operators with real-time 3D pictures of the tunnel surface – a digital twin – to prevent over- or underspray of concrete thanks to ergonomic, automated, robotic action. Efficient use of material reduces costs and environmental impact. And VR simulator training including EFNARC certification ensures the high-level skills of tunnel construction teams. We are constantly developing our digital offering to make the most of new high-tech possibilities underground.

Tunnels are vital parts of our societal infrastructure. We provide systems and services to enhance and extend the use of underground space. Normet injection technologies and rock reinforcement techniques help our customers manage the unexpected during and after construction. Our solutions extend to refurbishing, repurposing, and rehabilitating equipment and tunnels, creating a low-carbon circular economy that creates value for all stakeholders over lifetimes.

  • Sprayed Concrete Process

    The use of sprayed concrete in mines, tunnels and other civil engineering structures is an important and integral part of successful, highly productive, and safe rock support systems. Normet is the industry leader in concrete spraying solutions, providing a complete range of related equipment, services, and chemicals to our customers around the world.

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  • Explosives Charging

    Safe and efficient explosives charging and blasting processes are essential to productive mining and tunnelling operations. Our Charmec vehicle range makes the underground charging process productive and safe whether you are using Emulsion or ANFO explosives. To support your charging and blasting processes we also manufacture a wide range of supporting upgrades.

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  • Lifting and Installations

    For safe, reliable, and highly efficient lifting and installation solutions look no further than Normet’s scissor lifts, basket booms, and cassette lifters. Developed with 40 years of underground experience and with models suitable for any size project, they make your overall processes more effective than ever.

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    Lifting and installations process
  • Scaling

    Scaling loose rock is an essential part of safe underground excavation, but it is challenging work. After the drilling and blasting phase, scaling is required to remove loose rock from the unstable rock face to make the tunnel or mine safe to work in.

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  • Underground Logistics

    The safe and efficient transportation of personnel, material and fluids is an essential part of any underground mining or tunnelling project. Our logistics solutions are the result of decades of experience and are designed to easily cope with the most demanding environments. Our three rubber tyred vehicle lines provide you with a complete range of transport options for any requirement underground. Anything from personnel to explosives and everything in between can be moved swiftly and safely within and between work sites.

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  • TBM Technology

    Normet products have been used to ensure the safety, cost-efficiency, and productivity of TBM projects such as metro lines and sewage networks.

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    Normet TBM Soil Conditioners
  • Waterproofing

    Normet’s proven waterproofing solutions have been used for over 30 years in mining and tunnelling projects to prevent water ingress or egress.

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    Normet TamSeal 800 spray applied membrane

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